Plano Urogynecology Offers Discrete Options for Hymen Repair or Hymenoplasty for Women in Plano, Dallas and the Surrounding Metroplex

Women in Plano, Dallas and the surrounding metroplex who want to have a hymen repair or reconstruction of the hymen (known as a hymenoplasty) can trust Plano Urogynecology Associates to treat them with compassion and discretion. Dr. J. Kyle Mathews understands that women are making a personal decision to have this surgical procedure, which is sensitive in nature, and he and his staff work with patients to maintain their dignity and privacy at all times.

What Is a Hymenoplasty?

A hymenoplasty (or hymen repair or reconstruction) is a surgical procedure. Dr. Mathews carefully pieces the torn hymen together using the tissue remnants, drawing them together so the vagina is covered again. The surgery is out-patient and takes about one hour. It’s performed in the office at Plano Urogynecology under local anesthesia.

A patient may want a hymenoplasty for many different reasons, including cultural, religious or social factors. A woman’s hymen may tear as a result of sexual intercourse, strenuous exercise or even tampon use. Whatever the reason that leads a woman to inquire about surgery, our goal at Plano Urogynecology is to help women access specialized gynecologic services, including repairing and reconstructing the hymen.

What Plano Urogynecology Wants You to Know about Recovery

Patients who have a hymenoplasty are usually able to return to work or their regular routine in one or two days. Complete healing generally takes six to eight weeks. About two months after the hymenoplasty, the patient returns to Plano Urogynecology for a follow-up visit with Dr. Mathews.

You Can Rely on Dr. Mathews’ Surgical Expertise in Gynecologic Surgery

Dr. Mathews understands that when a woman comes to Plano Urogynecology for a delicate and sensitive surgery such as a hymenoplasty, she is placing her trust in her doctor. He not only respects this, but he also provides her with surgical expertise that will earn her confidence.
Dr. Mathews has received advanced, specialized training as a urogynecologist, making him particularly skilled at surgeries like hymenoplasties. If you would like to meet with Dr. Mathews to discuss your needs in a confidential, caring setting, contact us at Plano Urogynecology for an appointment. We care about women and want to meet their gynecological needs with compassion.