Diagnosing Urge Incontinence

Diagnosing Urge Incontinence

An obgyn or urologist may have previously diagnosed you with recurring UTIs, pelvic organ prolapse or menopause. Dr. Mathews will take a thorough health history prior to a physical exam, which includes a pelvic exam and ultrasound, urinalysis and laboratory testing.

Unfortunately, many cases of urge incontinence will not lead us to an obvious cause. However, Dr. Mathews can offer relief and effective treatment for urgency incontinence despite idiopathic findings.

In addition to measuring urine output using non-invasive methods (i.e. a pad test and urinary stress test), we offer specialized urodynamic testing at Plano Urogynecology Associates. If simple observation methods do not provide answers, we will employ imaging equipment that precisely measures bladder muscle and nerve activity.

Dr. Mathews may recommend cystoscopy and cystometric testing.


cystoscopy Plano urogynecology Cystoscopy: This endoscopic testing is conducted with a thin tube that is inserted vaginally through the urethra into the bladder. Dr. Mathews flushes saline through the tube and into the bladder while a camera provides a view of the bladder wall.

Cystometric testing: Using a thin catheter and pressure measurement tool called a manometer, we record the point at which your bladder feels full, when bladder contractions occur, and how much fluid will set off urge incontinence.

Bladder distension: Diagnosing painful bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis may also involve bladder distension. With bladder distension, the bladder is stretched with water so that Dr. Mathews can examine the tension. The diagnostic test, performed while the patient is under anesthesia, may also provide therapeutic benefits as well.

There are steps we can take to help you take back control of your life. Women are twice as likely to suffer from urge incontinence as men. Dr. Mathews combines two specialties—gynecology and urology—to help women of all ages address this medical problem. Contact our Plano Urogynecology Associates office to reserve an appointment with Dr. Mathews.

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