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Female Bladder Control (Guest Writer)

by | September 2nd, 2010

Have you been noticing lately that you constantly need to go to the nearest comfort room to empty your bladder, and to your consternation, find that you cannot pass urine? Or maybe it has suddenly become painful to urinate? Ever had an embarrassing experience of finding yourself rushing to the office restroom and not making it on time? If you have experienced any of these, fret not. You are not alone. You count among the many women facing urinary incontinence or bladder problems.

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Overcoming the Stereotype of Menopause (Guest Writer)

by | July 28th, 2010

Many women refer to menopause as, “Going through the big change.” That is one stereotype to menopause that really could be considered a myth, and not very productive.

Menopause is only one change that comes in a woman’s life. It is not the most paramount. With all the daily stress that a woman goes through, menopause is only a small change that comes with growing older.

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