Labor and Delivery

Most women experience labor and delivery between 37-42 weeks of pregnancy.

Awaiting the birth of a child is an exciting and anxious time. However, there is no way to know exactly when you will go into labor. You should ask your doctor when you should call if you think you are in labor. Ask how you should reach him or her and if you should go directly to the hospital or call the doctor first.

Questions about the use of monitors, IVs, episiotomys, and pain relief options are best discussed prior to the onset of labor. Indications for cesarean section should be discussed and any questions answered. Hospital policies regarding the number of family members allowed to attend delivery may be considered and any special request should be discussed with your doctor. As is every pregnancy different, every labor is also different. Your past experience or the experiences of a family member or friend may not be the same as your pending one. Your concerns and fears should be discussed with your doctor.

“By participating in your care prior to becoming pregnant, during your pregnancy, and during delivery, you can insure your pregnancy will be exciting, fulfilling, and healthy.” J. Kyle Mathews, MD, Plano OB Gyn Associates