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How You Know When You Need Labial Surgery (Guest Writer)

by | August 8th, 2010

Surgery of the nether regions is never a comfortable subject to talk about. Even speaking to the doctor about ailments down below is embarrassing, unless their situation becomes dire.

The common occurrences that many people are unaware of is the hypertrophic labia, otherwise known is naturally enlarged labia. For women that are either born with this, or have developed this due to childbirth, or through age the skins elasticity has weakened, this can be painful especially when wearing cotton under garments of trousers. Even sitting down can be problematic. Many women will find intercourse more painful and lose confidence in their appearance because it is aesthetically unappealing.

Fortunately there is a solution to this dilemma; however it is one that requires the patient to go under the knife. Labial surgery is the procedure that women would need to go through to reduce the size of their labia minora or tighten the skin area of the labia for people who have a weakened muscle causing the labia to enlarge and loosen. However, labial surgery is not restricted to just helping women with medical conditions. Often this is used by some celebs for beautification of the vaginal area after childbirth, or when the skin loses its elasticity.

A typically suitable candidate for labial surgery would be someone who has an enlarged labia minora and is either finding this a problem to live with, find it painful when wearing fitted clothing, have problems when having sexual intercourse with their partner and or feel it is too protuberant causing low self esteem, and lack of confidence in themselves. Usually the patient would need to go through a consultation with a specialist or GP before booking the surgery. Women who want to go through the surgery must remember that there are risks as well as benefits to having this done, therefore one must be intelligent in their decision.

The patient will need to be in good physical health, is stable psychologically and has realistic expectations. Like all forms of surgery this does not come without some warnings or risks, although fortunately this has had no known cases of causing problems. The surgeons are highly trained in female medicines, which is important for them to conduct the procedure with perfect results. Very little expectations should be made for the recovery process as this does not have instant results.

It will normally take around one to two weeks for the patient to recover from the surgery, leaving little or no surgical incision marks. Some patients go back to their normal routine and activities within that period, however, different people heal at different rates therefore it is generally up to the individual and how well they respond to the procedure.

Anna Stenning is an expert on labial surgery, having researched the subject for a long time.

The Institute For Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery

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