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How You Know When You Need Labial Surgery (Guest Writer)

by | August 8th, 2010

Surgery of the nether regions is never a comfortable subject to talk about. Even speaking to the doctor about ailments down below is embarrassing, unless their situation becomes dire. The common occurrences that many people are unaware of is the hypertrophic labia, otherwise known is naturally enlarged labia. For women that are either born with…Read the Rest of Article

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Things You Need To Know About Obstetric Ultrasound, Guest Writer

by | May 19th, 2010

One of the great things about technology today, with regard to women’s health, is obstetric ultrasound. This technological wonder allows doctors to determine what is going on inside a person’s body without the use of invasive procedures or x-rays.

Obstetric ultrasound can help identify health, or the lack there of, in blood flow, organs and their function, and if you’re pregnant, it allows them and you to see the incredible wonder going on inside your body. This is a magnificent event and gives you your first look at your baby. Generally, you can see almost everything from the formation of body parts to the baby’s little heart beat

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