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Are online doctors the best medicine?

by | November 19th, 2010

Internet entrepreneurs have brought new meaning to the phrase “house calls.”
Online companies with names such as “MDLiveCare” and “RingADoc” are diagnosing and treating common conditions such as allergies and the flu over the Internet or on the phone, forcing state regulators to revisit decade-old rules about what constitutes a doctor/patient relationship.

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British websites are pushing boundaries of online medicine. USA Today.

by | August 7th, 2010

In Britain, an increasing number of websites are pushing the boundaries of online medicine, with at least a dozen sites offering consultations and medication most countries only allow during in-person visits — or remote ones with the help of a webcam or telephone call.

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Web Cams, Doctors, The Virtual Doctor Visit.

by | July 17th, 2010

Facebook and Twitter are well known social media sites, but more and more healthcare professionals are using the once, mostly social site as an opportunity to connect with patients and provide information. The popularity of these types of sites has lead a number of insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and professional societies to consider the use of texting, smartphone, and Web-based video communication technologies in the medical field.

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