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Plano leads the nation….

by | July 24th, 2011

Plano Texas leads the nation in fast food consumption. According to, that apparently happens a lot in Plano, which it declared the city as the fast food capital of the country. There’s apparently a lot of pizza, sub sandwiches and other fast-food staples being consumed in the Collin County city, too. Plano’s roughly 220,000…Read the Rest of Article

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Labiaplasty, Is it right for you?

by | May 22nd, 2011

Labiaplasty, Is it right for you? Making the decision. The decision to undergo any cosmetic procedure is a personal one. Making the decision to have a cosmetic gynecologic procedure such as Labiaplasty poses special challenges to many women. Determining what is normal anatomy, the lack of long term scientific studies looking at patients results, and…Read the Rest of Article

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Pre-Run Stretch May Hurt Endurance WebMD

by | September 13th, 2010

Some runners swear by their pre-run stretch as a sure-fire way to run better and stronger and reduce their risk of injury in the process.

But according to a new study, distance runners who stretch before a run may not perform as well and may spend more energy than runners who skip the stretch.

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