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Anal Bleaching, Vaginal Bleaching, And Underarm Bleaching: Growing Trends or Internet Myths? (Guest Writer)

by | August 25th, 2010

The idea of bleaching or lightening the most sensitive areas on the body including the anus, vagina, underarms, nipples, and male genitals has recently entered into the mainstream media and culture. The roots of this cultural and cosmetic phenomenon can be traced back to the television show “Dr. 90201” in which a plastic surgery client inquired about having this procedure performed. Since the airing of that episode, numerous articles have been written about the subject due to its monumental increase in popularity.

While this kind of cosmetic procedure may seem extreme to most people, take a moment and think about the rise in popularity of other procedures such as Brazilian waxing and laser hair removal. Twenty years ago, these practices would have not only been extremely rare, but may have also been illegal in some states. In fact, just recently, the state of New Jersey has considered banning Brazilian waxing altogether.

Who is using these services?

Imagine going into a store and asking the clerk which is the best anal bleaching cream? The reality is a majority of people would never dream of asking such as question. However, data suggests that more people than ever are seeking out these cosmetic procedures on the internet.

One potential reason that customers prefer buying these types of products anonymously on the internet is that they will not have to deal with awkward stares in the checkout lane especially if the clerk has to ask for a price check on anal bleaching cream over the loud speaker.

Customers seem to range across a broad socioeconomic spectrum including all races, sexual preferences, as well as genders. For those that take the time to live a healthy lifestyle, work out, tan, wax, and use cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance, using an intimate area lightening product is simply an extension of their pursuit of physical perfection.

The Dangers of Using Bleaching Products that Contain Hydroquinone

Unfortunately, many intimate area bleaching products still include the ingredient Hydroquinone, which has been used for many years to lighten areas on the skin. However, recent medical studies have proven this ingredient to be harmful. In fact, some studies show a direct link of using Hydroquinone to the development of cancer. This is why most Western countries including England have banned all products that contain Hydroquinone.

Therefore, if you plan to use an intimate area lightening product, avoid any product that contains Hydroquinone.

The Application Process

A few years ago, intimate area bleaching procedures were only offered in salons and usually only at the request of the client. However, once the popularity of these procedures caught on, home-based products became available. This is a very similar transition to women and men dying their hair at home compared with going to a salon.

To begin the process of anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, underarm bleaching, or any intimate area bleaching, carefully read the instructions on the label of your intimate area lightening product of choice. You should also pay close attention to the ingredients list to not only ensure that the product does not contain Hydroquinone, but to also ensure that you are not allergic to any of the other ingredients.

After you feel comfortable with the directions, be sure to follow them closely and if any prolonged irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. You may also want to thoroughly clean yourself with a moist wipe after each bowel movement to ensure there is no additional staining.

You should begin to notice results in the first few weeks and should continue use until you achieve your desired skin tone.

Intimate area bleaching will continue to evolve in both safety precautions as well as overall effectiveness. While you may still believe that these cosmetic procedures are a myth perpetuated on the internet, the reality is that these types of procedures will only increase in popularity over the coming years.

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